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katebush's Journal

5 December
Far less lazy than I used to be so thought I'd update this little box here. I still think it's worth pointing out to people who might be put off by it that I am a dentist, though I would hardly call myself typical of the species. I like to read, watch films listen to music especially at the moment Carter USM (still the best bad in the world ever ;) as well as Eminem, The Streets, pretty much anything really. I get to listen to 80's and similar music all day at work so I tend not to at home but it's definitely some of my favourite music. Mercury Rev are also very good.
I spend most of my time when I'm not dealing with peoples teeth looking after my little boy who is now 4.5 and a gorgeous blond terror :) But I also find plenty of time to fit in role-playing, computer games and idly wondering what I ought to be doing with my time anf my life because it doesn't feel wuite right yet.